Want to try Nordic Walking? Here are some tips

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is growing in popularity as a form of recreation, managing to win people over. It’s nothing surprising, as it’s a perfect choice for everyone regardless of age and condition. Learn how to start your Adventure with this sport and which poles to buy.

Nordic Walking – what exactly is it?

Nordic Walking is marching with special poles that was invented in Finland back in the 1920s. At first it was supposed to be a year-round training for cross-country skiers. The term Nordic Walking was used for the first time in the master’s thesis of Marko Kanateva, who was writing on the use of poles in training.

What is more, he would later create the first professional poles and start popularizing this form of activity.

It is worth noting that by the turn of the 1990s Nordic Walking started being used during medical recoveries. Today Nordic Walking is a young sport, but it’s growing very fast.

Marching provides a workout for legs, hips, hands, shoulders, arms, chest muscles, and even spine! On top of that, the movement involves about 90% of muscles, which increase metabolism and help loose excess kilograms when stimulated by movement. If you have joint problems, it’s not a big deal, as the poles reduce the pressure on joints and the spine.

How to start?

First I have to also add that Nordic Walking is a sport that can be performed all year round, on any surface and in every climate. Before we start our Adventure, we need to get ourselves the right equipment. We need to think about how intensive our Workouts will be and whether we want to share our poles with others.

Nordic Walking

Types of poles

  • Telescopic poles
  • Fixed-length poles

The Telescopic poles are characterized by their compact sizes, which means they can be attached to the backpack. What is more, they are universal, which allows them to actually be used by the entire family. The length adjustment range is large enough for most people to be able to share poles of this type.

Fixed-length poles are chosen based on the user’s height, making their universality minuscule. Still, we get much lighter poles instead. If you’re planning to walk on very hard or very soft surfaces, it’s a good idea to get rubber caps that will provide additional cushioning.

On top of that, it’s also a good idea to get Gloves to protect hands from potential chafing.

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