6 ideas for urban activity

urban activity

Would you like to start leading an Active lifestyle? Are you tired of the city monotony? Don’t worry! The urban jungle is full of interesting options to actively spend time on your own or in a group of friends.

Swimming pool

When we’re looking for urban activity and entertainment on hot days in the city, the first choice to come to our mind is a cool swimming pool. Other popular options are water parks and safe bodies of water. Regular swimming is relaxing, good for condition and has many health-related benefits. Swimming facilities often offer water activities, such as aerobic, yoga, zumba, badminton or water bike.


An hour of intense tennis playing is not only a lot of fun but also quite a Workout for all muscle groups. Cities tend to provide access to many full-sized tennis Courts – indoor and outdoor alike. The Courts can by rented by the hour, and the required equipment is available for rent on-site, which means we don’t have to invest in our own racket just to play occasionally.

Roller blades

The city is a great place for roller blade madness. Numerous asphalt lanes and sidewalks are perfect surfaces for long rides. Frequent roller-blading strengthens muscles in legs, arms and buttocks, improves condition and makes it easy to lose weight. There’s a growing number of dedicated roller blade paths in cities where one can perfect their technique and learn complicated tricks – riding backwards, hopping or slaloming. It’s not only a perfect Workout but also tons of fun for kids and adults alike.

urban activity


Can’t imagine a day without a dose of activity? Cities are just filled with Gyms and fitness clubs! Some of them are even open 24 hours a day. A gym is a perfect place to exercise your physical fitness, develop your body mass and meet new people. The equipment available there makes it possible to exercise every group of muscles without having to invest in expensive equipment. Fitness clubs work great on rainy days. When it’s sunny outside, on the other hand, and it would be a pity to hide indoors, you can visit one of the increasingly popular outdoor Gyms. Nearly every city these days offers free, publicly available exercise equipment at bigger and smaller parks. That’s a great opportunity for young parents to exercise while their kids are having a blast at the playground.


If you like to run then you can also test yourself in numerous Marathons, which are usually organized for charity. Getting prepared for competitive Running and the run itself are a lot of fun, but also hard work that requires long Workouts and endurance exercises. One can find plenty of interesting routes in the cities with beautiful views surrounding them. Which allows to cleverly combine Running with discovering interesting corners of the city.


This game requires the participants to have reflex, concentration and strong working of arms and legs. Not many people know that Frisbee is also the main element of a sport discipline called ultimate, with games taking place on a large field, involving two teams of seven players and with gameplay rules to follow. Frisbee is inexpensive, differs in size, weight and hardness of the material it is made of – choosing the type depends on whether it’s meant for evening throws at the park with friends or for more serious team play.

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