What bike to choose for a teenager?

bike for a teenager

Choosing a bike for a teenage child is not an easy task. Parents mostly care about solid workmanship and a relatively reasonable price. Teenagers, on the other hand, pay attention to the look and color. How to find a middle ground between the expectations of the adult and the child? And above all, how not to get lost among dozens of models offered and what characteristics of a bike to especially pay attention to?

Estimating the budget

Not many people can afford skipping that phase. Determining a reasonable price cap and sticking to it consequently is the best way to narrow down the number of models to choose from. It’s a good idea to make it clear to ourselves and above all to the child what kind of expenses to expect beforehand. We shouldn’t ignore the quality of workmanship, however. In case of a bike for a teenager, we need to buy a good bike that won’t suddenly break down during the first or second ride.

Naturally, we can’t cut corners when buying a bike. It is better, however, to look for favorable discounts at reputable stores rather than overpay for a random supermarket model. Chances are that the actual cost of such bike will double in a year due to numerous repairs and replacements of faulty parts. On the other hand, it’s better not to overpay. A very expensive device will actually be intended for Specialized purposes, such as racing competitions for example.

Bike frame

Obviously, the best way for a bike “fitting” is a test drive. It is also possible to select the best model, however, when shopping online. When choosing a bike with 26-inch wheels, we should multiply the leg length by 0.57. If we’re planning to buy a bicycle with 28-inch wheels, on the other hand, the value has to be multiplied by 0.65. The final result is the Frame size in centimeters.

bike for a teenager

A type matching personal needs

A bike purchase will ultimately and to a large degree depend on the future owner. When entering the stores or browsing catalogs online, it’s a good idea to Ask the teenager to specify their expectations towards a bike. What they want to use it for: will the bicycle be used as a stylish way of commuting to school, for more advanced riding or maybe for tourist trips out of town? With such knowledge at hand, we can narrow down the selection to one particular type.

For tourist rides, the best choice will be a trekking bike, perfect for varying routes and equipped with a front damper to make rides more comfortable. Road models are incredibly lightweight and intended for going long distances in a short time. The construction of frame, handlebar and bridge makes it possible to take a more aerodynamic pose. It should be noted, though, that this is also the most expensive type of bike. All-terrain riding will be made possible by a Mountain bike. It comes with 26-inch wheels equipped with wide tires, and dampers on the front and back forks are also becoming commonplace.

It provides better comfort of use. If the teenager dreams of Riding the bike around the city or town then, as the name suggests, the best solution will be a city bike. Equipped with a trunk, lighting and mudguards, its construction also ensures a comfortable tilt angle for the cyclist (90 degrees). The frame’s construction makes it easier to get on and off the bike.

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