Biker’s companion – tools, spare parts and accessories.

Biker’s companion – tools, spare parts and accessories.

Proper bike’s maintenance allows to use it for years. Different tools and spare parts make simple fixes possible all by yourself.

They can be bought in special shops and services with bikes, which provide all the stuff necessary for every bike lover.

Spare parts for all bikes

An intensive bike’s exploitation often leads to overwearing of different parts. Damages can also happen randomly, however, they impact a comfort of use and biker’s security. This is why it is so important to examine overall technical condition of a bike so as to check if parts aren’t excessively used or damaged and if so, to replace them with new ones. High quality parts can be bought in bikes shops, which offer different parts for different kinds of bikes.

  • These are parts which get damaged the most – chains, cables or wheels with spokes. Sometimes, problems may come from breaking systems which with time are getting ineffective.
  • Brake pads or disc can be also bought in bicycle services, which may also provide a replacement on the place or place chosen by a client.

What else should be considered as biker’s best friend and companion?

Spare parts for all bikes

Tools and maintenance chemicals.

Having spare parts is one thing, another this is equipping yourself with useful tools which allow you to fix your bike. Thank to them, you can do the fundamental services all by yourself. Crank turnbuckles, spanners, Allen keys, snips for cables or shields can be very useful for handymen wanting to take care for their bike in a professional manner.

Chemicals for Your bike accessories

  1. It is worth to remember about so called maintenance chemicals. Oils, greases or degreasers allow to maintain bike’s components such as absorbers or chains. Such activity may and will prolong these parts’ lifespan.
  2. Good practice before buying is to consult with a serviceman from a bike shop. A good serviceman will not only advise on what to choose, but will also explain how does a certain substance work and indicate how to use it.

Thank to these practical activities a bike will be ready for a season and an intensive exploitation and risk of parts damage will be significantly reduced.

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