Diving equipment – what is essential for diving?

diving equipment

Diving is an extreme sport that, despite its numerous risks, is attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. Diving expeditions provide the possibility of discovering a completely different reality. Venturing into the underwater world, however, requires adequate equipment and sound knowledge, as only with these elements can we limit the dangers lurking around.

Requirements for Diving equipment

The essential Diving equipment is first and foremost the mask, the snorkel and the fins. Such equipment allows us to stay underwater for a brief time and is mostly used by amateurs, despite also making regular equipment of experienced Divers. If we’re interested in diving expeditions into the deep below, we need to put together a full diving gear.

  • mask, fins and snorkel are the basic equipment that we should get ourselves. It makes it possible to easily admire underwater recesses and to move around freely;
  • oxygen equipment – which means tanks, breathing apparatus and the rescue vest. These elements are necessary if we make plans for long diving expeditions. The tanks provide us with a large supply of oxygen, whereas the breathing apparatus makes underwater ventilation possible. The topic of the vest is closely related to our safety, and its used in the event of emergency surfacing. Without such equipment, it is impossible to start learning to Dive;
  • Additional equipment – this includes above all a suit, ballast, shoes, glove, balaclava and numerous gadgets that make it possible to visit dark corners and inaccessible areas. Other potentially useful things are flashlights, watches, knives, thermometers, chem lights and flags.
diving equipment

Equipment for experienced Divers

On top of the basic equipment that every Diver should have around, there are also elements that make demanding expeditions easier. Visiting underground caves is quite a challenge that requires adequate preparations. A great opportunity to Dive is a trip to Seychelles. It’s a chance to explore the rich coral reef and numerous underground caves and grottoes. For that purpose, it is necessary to get the following:

  • Helmet – ensures safety while in caves;
  • diving harness – allows to hook a safety line;
  • reel with rope and a carabiner – it allows to hook to our partner who is there to secure us during difficult expeditions;
  • diving notebook and alarms to help communicate underwater.

Diving can be a great adventure, but it’s also a difficult undertaking. Reaching hard to access places is made possible by using Additional equipment.

Additional equipment

Diving equipment can be divided into three types. The first is the complete basics that we can’t start learning this sport without. The second is the elements that allow to comfortably explore a coral reef and underground grottoes, the third on the other hand constitutes the attributes of professional Divers, who take their diving expeditions very seriously. Their conveniences here are:

  • Diving bag – allows to carry the necessary equipment around;
  • underwater jet skis and compressors – helpful for deep diving. Being able to move around faster matters a lot in this sport, as the amount of air available is very limited;
  • pontoons, anchors and drills – used to make it possible to reach inaccessible places.

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