SUP BOARD (Paddle Board) Aqua Marina Breeze Review

What is SUP BOARD (Paddle Board) Aqua Marina Breeze ?

Paddleboarding is a great summer activity whether you do it with your family or on your own. If you are a beginner, you need an affordable board that will work best for for your. The Aqua Marina Breeze is an inflatable paddle board is a entry-level SUP. It is recommended for women, children, and lightweight paddlers. It’s a board that is best suited for SUP fitness and recreational paddleboarding.


SUP Aqua Marina Breeze: description, price

  • Included accessories: 15 PSI high pressure hand pump, 3 detachable fins, paddle, carry bag, action camera
  • On Board Storage: stainless steel D-rings for leash and more, bungee to hold cargo
  • Durable: Double-wall drop stitch PVC technology
    Non-Slip Deck Pad: heat embossed deck with honeycomb groove for max traction and comfort
  • Product Dimensions: 9’9″ L x 30″ W x 4″H

SUP BOARD (Paddle Board) Aqua Marina Breeze reviews, opinions, test

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SUP BOARD (Paddle Board) Aqua Marina Breeze

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The Aqua Marina Breeze is an all-purpose SUP that is the best choice for lighter individuals. As it’s 4″ thick and has a volume of 178 liters, it clearly wouldn’t work well for larger paddlers.

The length of the Aqua Marina Breeze SUP is 9’9″ and it weighs around 18 pounds. Thanks to its classic shape it performs well in a wide variety of conditions.
The majority of the board’s surface on the top deck of the Breeze is covered with EVA foam traction pad, so it’s really comfortable. Also, the honeycomb traction pattern gives you a good grip.

There are four stainless steel D-rings at the nose of the board along with a bungee cord for keeping your stuff secure while you’re out on the water. Additionally, it has a convenient center grab handle for carrying the board after inflating. This SUP is really light,(even for children and the smallest adults) and easy to carry around.

Two additional D-rings located near the center of the board will enable you to attach an extra kayak seat. There is a seventh D-ring at the rear of the Aqua Marina Breeze that you can use to tow the board or attach a SUP leash. The air valve is also located at the tail of the board.

When it comes to the fins, the Aqua Marina Breeze features a 2+1 fin setup. All the fins are removable. That’s why you can remove the center fin to get more movement in the tail or just experiment with a configuration that works best for you. The Breeze is really versatile; you can even paddle in super shallow water after you remove all the fins.

The Aqua Marina Breeze is durable thanks double wall drop stitch PVC construction. Also, the drop stitch core adds rigidity, which is vital on thinner 4″ boards.

The Aqua Marina Breeze SUP board includes a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. A longer warranty offer (2 or 3 years) would be welcome. However, since it is an entry-level board that is sold at a low price point, the shorter warranty is understandable.

Check users reviews and opinions about SUP BOARD (Paddle Board) Aqua Marina Breeze to make sure you are chosing the right product:

I absolutely love this paddle board. This is my first one, I’ve gone on a few that I have rented but so happy to have one of my own now. The paddle was a little too short for me so I just ordered another paddle that extends for tall people like myself. (Alyson)

This is a great looking board and Ideal for kids 100lbs or less (mine). It was easy enough to inflate manually but need an adult to do the last filling up of pressure. For the price it was better to buy this than rent a paddle for a week for jsut about the same price. I am happy with my purchase. (Michael)

Cons and pros before buying Aqua Marina Breeze ?


  • it’s very affordable
  • it includes plenty of D-rings
  • it provides lots of fun for lighter paddlers
  • it’s recommended for beginners
  • it includes a nice bundle of SUP accessories
  • it’s versatile thanks to removable fins
  • it’s comfortable due to the EVA foam traction pad cover
  • it’s easily portable due to its light weight
Aqua Marina Breeze


    • it’s less rigid due to 4″ thickness
    • the warranty is only 12 months

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